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If you have found your way here, you are probably searching for psychological therapy for yourself or someone that you care for. Choosing a therapist is an incredibly difficult decision as you need to find someone with the experience you need, at a price you can afford, in an area you want and, most importantly, who you feel you can trust and relate to. To confuse things further, there are also multiple different approaches to therapy available which can be really overwhelming if you aren’t sure what help you need. If you are looking for therapy and want to discuss how I practice and how different options might suit you, please click below.

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I am a consultant psychologist who has been practicing in both the NHS and practiced within the NHS and independently since qualifying in 2003. I originally trained in Southampton but moved up to the north in 2007 and have been here ever since. I have had quite a range of different experiences in my career, from working with people to manage their eating disorders right as well as working with people who have got into trouble with the law because of their mental health problems. My particular area of specialty is working with adults with personality issues, including borderline personality disorder / emotionally unstable personality disorder and I’ve been a qualified DBT practitioner since 2005.

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I practice a range of different therapies and adapt the therapeutic approach to fit with the personality of the individual I work with and the particular needs of that individual.

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Legal Services

I regularly complete medicolegal reports for court purposes, assessing psychological injury following accidents or assaults. As well as compiling reports for the civil courts, I have experience of completing assessments for the criminal compensation board and for the purpose of seeking extra assistance from workplaces or university / school.

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I provide a wide range of additional services to both individuals and carers. This also includes more general services such as supervision of other psychological staff and / or developing bespoke training and psychoeducation for workplaces or specialist healthcare providers.

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“My experience so far has been extremely positive and hopefully life changing. There are very few DBT therapists and I feel fortunate to have found such an excellent one. Lindsay’s approach is professional yet person centred. Her expertise and knowledge are exceptional and I really feel as if she is making a difference. I was very nervous making my first appointment but Lindsay was more than willing to discuss my needs and expectations and I feel as if we are now working together on a way forward. I always come away from sessions with a clear understanding of what we have done and what I now need to do. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Lindsay.”


Lindsay Wilkinson
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